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Who's looking after your website?

20 August 2021
Marc Simmons

So you've got your awesome new website and you're proud as punch and showing it off to the world! But ...what about the Plugin updates? ...and the WordPress updates? ...and the Theme updates? ...not to mention Translation and Site Backups, as well as Potential Security Attacks. Have you thought about Uptime monitoring?

Updating your website

We're not talking about content updates here, rather something equally important but often overlooked, site health. Firstly let's talk about Plugins, think of these as tiny little off-the-shelf programs that run behind the scenes on your website usually providing functionality such as a contact form, image gallery or maybe a fancy menu system. Plugins much like any other software require updates from time to time to stay compatible and protected from possible security threats, Plugins should be checked frequently for available updates.

Next WordPress updates, think of WordPress as your websites operating system very much like Windows or MacOS. Recently WordPress turned 18 and we're currently (at the time of this post) on version 5.8. Again like Plugins WordPress updates are essential to maintain a healthy website. As well as WordPress updates, Translations and Themes also require regular updates.

What about protecting my website?

Over the course of 2020, Wordfence blocked more than 90 billion malicious login attempts from over 57 million unique IP addresses, at a rate of 2,800 attacks per second targeting WordPress. Source

A combination of Malware & Security Scanning, Backups and Uptime Monitoring is essential for proofing your website from attack. The numbers above certainly are scary but with some simple planning the potential damage can be mitigated should the worst happen. We can also add further protection such as masking your login URL, adding 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), and using a "Limit Login Attempt" plugin.

Can I do all this myself?

The short answer is yes, although be warned sometimes updates for what ever reason don't run smoothly and you could end up with a broken website on your hands without a viable backup. #disaster

Introducing WEBCARE by DayBuild®

WEBCARE by DayBuild® provides comprehensive support and protection for your website on a subscription basis. This service is only suitable for websites built by DayBuild® Websites Ltd.

WEBCARE by DayBuild® is a monthly subscription service designed to look after any website built by us. The service includes:

  1. Monthly Site Backup - (entire site and contents)
  2. Remote Plugin Updates as required
  3. Remote WP Installation Updates as required
  4. Remote Theme Updates as required
  5. Remote Translations Updates as required
  6. Remote Malware & Security Scanning
  7. 24 Hour Uptime Monitoring
  8. Covers ALL of your websites built by us

...all for just £9.99+VAT per month (minimum 12 month contract) - Ask us for details!

Just for reading this post enter the Promotion Code MY25 to get an extra 25% off for the first 6 months! :)

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