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It’s Domain Event!

28 January 2022
Marc Simmons

Well... next week is shaping up to be an exciting week with my BNI Chapter, Lynnovation meeting up again in the real world since the start of the pandemic. We've been meeting weekly on zoom for help, support and of course the referals for pretty much 2 years now and personally I can't wait to get back in person!

A very special thanks to "Andy (the only printer I'll ever need) Hoare" of for your services producing the new DayBuild® Websites banner which I'm sure will wow both members and visitors alike.

...and as if that wasn't enough, I will be presenting "It’s Domain Event!" where you can learn about how on earth a website can be built in just a single day while shedding light on domains, hosting and SSL certificates.

Our next meeting will be on Friday the 4th February at St John's Church in the Walks, King's Lynn at 09:30am, if you want to attend the presentation, and you're interested how referral networking can help your business just email and I'll be happy to arrange a personal VIP visit.

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